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12 / 24 / 2009
Mr. G
Love my Glock 22 and 30, but being old school kind of guy, always missed that external safety that I have on my 1911s. Heard about the Siderlock and bought two for my Glocks. On the positive side, the Siderlock comes complete with a punch necessary for pin removal. The instructions leave out some important details, so you might want to refer to online details with illustrations for trigger assembly removal. Take your time and everything should drop right in just like the factory trigger. Fit and pull feels just like factory PLUS now I have the added benefit of the manual trigger safety! I would recommend this item to any Glock owner who has concerns about out of holster safety.
08 / 02 / 2012
Tom Gasperetti - US
The perfect solution to make the Glock "Safe Action" System truly safe. Now I do not have to worry a [...]
07 / 30 / 2012
Ed Delgado - United States
I was pleasantly surprised with this little K.I.S.S. gadget; something Glock should've thought about [...]
03 / 11 / 2012
John Williams G30 from USA
Installed on my G30/.45ACP...no complaints AT ALL! Trigger pull is just as smooth...and being an H& [...]
03 / 25 / 2010
By Glock 26 owner
Nice product. Easy to install and I''m nowhere near a gunsmith. Previous reviews are right, look to [...]
11 / 17 / 2009
By JB from USA
I bought a Glock 22 40 S&W, was not 100% happy with it,so I bought a extended slide and extended loc [...]
08 / 03 / 2009
By Marty, from TX
I have installed this product on several of my Glock pistols. It is easy to install and use. It is a [...]
07 / 23 / 2009
By ED from TopGlock.com
These Triggers with a safety are a must for concealed carry Glocks, They install easy, work smooth a [...]
2 / 14 / 2009
By Chris Riordan, Arizona, USA
AWESOME!!! I love this trigger. Well done! [...]
4 / 12 / 2009
By Frank Silano, Florida, USA
I have the Siderlock installed on my Glock 26 and I love it. Do you have plans to make one for the S [...]
1 / 28 / 2009
By p3v5
I had the siderlock safety for Glocks put on my G26 at a gun show in Jan. '08. I love the thing and [...]
1 / 28 / 2009
Great product. Added confidence. Glock should make this a buyable option. I''m aware of the 3 Glock [...]

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